Friday, April 30, 2010

Sinu-Rite Update

Minna got better after taking Sinu-Rite, but it lasted only for a week. She might need to go back to the vet again. But it's a relieve that I don't see her breathing with her mouth, which means she probably doesn't have asthma.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lotus Chicken Recipe for Cats

Minna has been enjoying her Lotus chicken recipe for cats, it made with fresh chicken but not grain-free, but I am glad that Minna likes it.

PetAlive Sinu-Rite

Last week, Minna finished the antibiotics from the vet and whole bottle of Respo-K, she felt great for one week and she started sneezing again. I didn't think Respo-K really helped in her case.
I decided to try Sinu-Rite for her sinus infection and AmazPet for her asthma. I figured Respo-K only works for minor cold without infection. Distributor in Hong Kong does not carry Sinu-Rite and AmazaPet, so my friend sent them to me from San Francisco. After three tablets of Sinu-Rite today(one tablet five times daily), Minna actually stopped sneezing, I am not sure it actually worked within one day or just coincident. I'll definitely have another update about Sinu-Rite and AmazPet.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Minna's new cat food

Timberwolf Serengeti Herbal Field Diet is another high quality grain-free cat food. It is called herbal field diet because it has grounded cinnamon, fennel, rosemary, & basil to simulate natural diet of a wild cat. Minna is not crazy it probably because it smells different from Orijen, I hope she will like it eventually.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Minna's favorite show

Minna: My favorite show is on?
Minna: Yeah! This is my favorite.
Mittens: Minna's favorite is Windows mystify screen saver, I connected my netbook to the TV.
Minna: I like netbook.