Sunday, December 5, 2010

Minna is enjoying the night view

Underbed Storage

 Minna: Hi little mouse, want to know something really scary?
 Minna: Mittens opened the underbed storage the other day and I wanted to hide in there. Mittens didn't know I was in there and closed the storage.
Minna: Luckily she heard me right away and let me out, but I won't get near the storage anymore.

When Mittens is Away

Minna: Mittens got a new 17 in laptop with Blu-ray DVD & High-Def Display .
Minna: Wonder how I know, I use it to watch my cat video from

Mittens Went Shopping

Minna: Mittens went shopping again, I got the shopping bag as usual, but can you guess what she bought?
Minna: Do you think it's a block of wood?
Minna: It's actually a digital clock with sound control.