Sunday, May 31, 2009


Minna and I were watching PochiTama ( today, a Japanese TV show about pets. We love the cat house made from straws featured in the show, but there is a two-year waiting list since it's all handmade.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Sun is finally out

Had been raining for a week here, Minna just couldn't wait to get a little sunshine.
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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Furry Pillow

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back from Japan

Just got back from Japan and couldn't wait to show Minna pictures of Osaka Castle, but she is not interested at all.
She just wants to sleep in my luggage...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Minna wants to travel again???

I joined a four day tour to Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto, Japan that is leaving tomorrow (No, I am not afraid of the swine flu). Minna wants to sneak into my luggage and travel with me, I can't take her but my dad will come to the apartment twice a day to take care of Minna.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Alarm Clock with four paws

Minna likes to wake me up early in the morning, but she will go back to her beauty sleep after I woke up.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Confused Minna

The pet groomer asked me will Minna get confused here since everyone speaks Cantonese in Hong Kong, I told her that I am not even sure if she can understand English in the first place. Mittens: Nei Ho (How are you) Minna!
Minna: ?????

Traveling with Minna

Below is everything I did in order to take Minna to Hong Kong, hope it will help anyone who wants to travel with pet(s).

A month before departure:
Took Minna to vet for vaccination, must have anti-rabies vaccination more than 30 days but less than one year before departure. Also require vaccination for Feline Panleucopaenia and Feline Respiratory Disease Complex. (Cost: approx. $100 USD)

Three weeks before departure:
Applied Special Permit for the importation of animal into Hong Kong. (Cost: approx. $60 USD)
Two weeks before departure:
Took Minna to vet again for Animal Health Certificate and Vaccination Certificate. (Cost: approx. $100 USD)
Had USDA to certify both Animal Health Certificate and Vaccination Certificate. (Cost: approx. $25 USD)
Faxed all documents to airline company.

Departure day:
Cost for shipping Minna: approx. $300 USD
Airline company needed all documents above for Minna, my air ticket and two types of I.D. They will prepare an airline certificate (captain's affidavit) for custom in Hong Kong.

Silly Minna

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Catnip Paper

I saw Goma played with catnip paper so I wanted to get one for Minna. I went to at least twenty different pet stores before I found it at Pet Pacific Club.
Too bad she doesn't like it as much as Goma.

Sleepy cat

Minna's New Look

Minna had a grooming session at home last Thursday, Miss Law does pet grooming on site and spent two and half hours to bath and trim Minna's fur.

This is the first time I see Minna taking a bath, I cannot believe how tiny she actually is when she is wet.


Minna's new job

I think Minna wants to become my fashion consultant.

New Toys

For some reason Minna doesn't like those Japanese cat toys I bought her.
Minna: You should've brought me Da Bird from States.

New Litterbox and Cat Litter

The first thing I did in Hong Kong was to buy new litterbox and cat litter for Minna and found some great stuff from Japan. The litterbox has a separate tray to catch litter on the way out and also comes with litter scoop. I did not use the top so Minna can have more open space and she doesn't seem to mind using a smaller litterbox. (The Marchioro litter box she had was about twice as big)

The litter is scoopable clumping tofu cat litter consists of soy fiber waste from tofu making so it's all natural. Clumping is only average but dust level is very low and soy odor is not strong, this one is about the size of a small tablet, I will try other brands of tofu cat litter that is slightly smaller to see if there is any differences.

Bach Rescue Remedy

Since I do not believe in using sedative, my vet recommended Bach Rescue Remedy for pet, it is a homeopathic remedy to relief stress and alcohol-free.

Both my friend and I noticed Minna was very calm after taking Rescue Remedy, she used to meow constantly in car. When I picked her up at custom after arriving Hong Kong, she was very alert and I didn't see any side effects.

PetNaturals Soft Chews

Minna has been eating one PetNaturals Soft Chew everyday for couple months. Main ingredients are brewers yeast and chicken liver flavor, no sugar and food colorings. A treat that Minna loves and also good for her.

Another Natural Cat Litter Review

I wasn't fond of World's Best Cat Litter because of its corn smell, but Drew at World's Best Cat Litter was very nice and sent me a package to try. This one is regular formula and the corn smell is not as strong and I further mixed it with LitterMate Cat Litter Additives, it works out so well that I really don't want to use anything else. (See my first cat litter review for other natural cat litter I tried) I gave some of the mix to my friend to try, she has three cats and also uses World's Best Cat Litter, we both agree the mix works extremely well. Too bad I am not able to buy LitterMate in Hong Kong at this time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

High rise kitty

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

New secret hiding place

Minna really scared the heck out of me this morning, I couldn't find her anywhere in the apartment and I was so worry that she jumped out the window...
I almost lost my my mind searching for her so I went to the garden downstairs looking for her, both security and receptionist at lobby were very nice and told me it was very unlikely that my cat jumped out the window from 15th floor.
So I went back to the apartment and starting searching again, I finally found her between the wall and mattress with pillows on top of her. Have absolutely no clue how she squeezed in such tiny space.

International Kitty

Minna: My new apartment
Minna: I'm all ready to travel

Minna and I went back to Hong Kong on April 29th, I'll post the process of getting special permit and health certificate soon.

Minna's twin