Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Litterbox and Cat Litter

The first thing I did in Hong Kong was to buy new litterbox and cat litter for Minna and found some great stuff from Japan. The litterbox has a separate tray to catch litter on the way out and also comes with litter scoop. I did not use the top so Minna can have more open space and she doesn't seem to mind using a smaller litterbox. (The Marchioro litter box she had was about twice as big)

The litter is scoopable clumping tofu cat litter consists of soy fiber waste from tofu making so it's all natural. Clumping is only average but dust level is very low and soy odor is not strong, this one is about the size of a small tablet, I will try other brands of tofu cat litter that is slightly smaller to see if there is any differences.

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