Monday, February 9, 2009

Undercover Mouse and Squeaky Mouse

Squeaky mouse: Hi, Minna. Remember me? I am the mouse that bounces and squeaks, how come you don't play with me anymore?

Minna: I have been playing with Undercover mouse and I like it.
Mittens: Don't you have more fun playing with undercover mouse at night than going out to the hallway? It's a lot more fun for me staying in bed than standing in the hallway.
Minna: I still think waking you up in middle of the night to take me out is a lot more fun.
Mittens: $35 went down the drain...

1 comment:

Sweet Praline said...

Ok, Minna, I like the idea of you staying indoors and playing with your undercover mouse. Your mom needs her rest and you are safer inside.