Thursday, June 18, 2009

Exhibitions this summer

For any fashion enthusiast planning to visit Hong Kong this summer, there are two interesting exhibitions. The first one is 'The Golden Age of Couture-Paris and London 1947-1957' from May 30th to September 28th at Hong Kong Heritage Museum and the second one is 'Louis Vuitton-A Passion for Creation' from May 22nd to August 9th at Hong Kong Museum of Art.
BTW, I walked by Hong Kong Touism Board yesterday and they are offering to ride aboard the last authentic Chinese sailing junk in Hong Kong. I took the rare opportunity and joined the one-hour scenic ride today.

Minna: I rather stay home and have my beauty sleep.


Sweet Praline said...

What a cool adventure for your mom! I, however, am like Minna and prefer staying home.

Darth Fluffy said...

I think Minna's Durian Attack picture is the best. She looks like a fluffy sluggy with BIG EYES and FLAT NOSE

Patty Skypants said...

Me prefers naps, too!! xxoo Bhu

Darth Fluffy said...

I think one of Minna's nick name should be Furry Tail, like fairy tale. =)