Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer Heat Tips

We have been experiencing very hot weather this summer, and I tried different ways to help Minna beating the heat:
  1. Turn on the air-conditioner all day - It didn't work because it dried out her delicate skin and she got sinus infection due to her nasal allergy, I almost went bankrupt with the electricity bill and vet payment.
  2. Bought her a tower fan - Not cool enough and she doesn't like the strong wind.
  3. Bought her an aluminum pet cooling pad - She simply won't sit on it.
  4. Bought her a Japanese straw mat to put on the mattress - She thinks straw is not good enough for her.
  5. While researching air-purifier for Minna, I came across 3M Filtrete air cleaning filter. Instead of buying an air purifier, I can just attach 3M filter on top of the filter from my air-conditioner. I now turn the air-conditioning on during the day, and use the fan function at night with windows opened for fresh air. The filter on the left is brand new, and the one on the right is used for two weeks. BTW, I bought the filter at department store, I do not have any affiliations with 3M except I think their Command hooks are genius.


Sweet Praline said...

Glad you found something that allow you to keep the AC on for Minna.

Darth Fluffy said...

look at minna the lazy bear just sittin' there