Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Minna eating wet food

Minna is finally eating wet food out of her little bowl, I am not sure whether my nightly hand feedings finally pay off or the chicken and losbter formula is just too tempting. She is not eating a whole lot but it's a good start.


Kim, Annabelle and Zuzu said...

Oooh another Himalayan!
Nice to meet you -- please come us, Minna! You're so pretty!

Mittens said...

Annabelle and Zuzu are so pretty. I love their big blue eyes, you must have taken very good care of them. I wish Minna also has a sister to live with.

Sweet Praline said...

Hi Minna! I didn't realize there was another Himmie on the Cat Blog. I found your blog through Goma's belly blog. It is so nice to meet you. Please feel free to come by and visit me!

Sweet Praline

Mittens said...

Sweet Praline is so cute & fluffy. I love your blog especially the posting on Feeding Praline.