Friday, November 21, 2008

Minna is making new friends

Since Minna's cute tummy is being featured on Kitty Bellys (, she has been making new friends all over the country. Her new friends include Goma, Sweet Praline, Annabelle & Zuzu (link of their blogs are on My Blog List). They are so lovely and beautiful.


Sweet Praline said...

Hi Minna. I am so glad that I am one of your new friends. Mom just went squeeeeeeeeee when she saw you eating your food. You looked just like me from the top.

Mittens said...

Sweet Praline & Minna will love to share information on training their humans.

Cat with a garden said...

Hi Minna, no wonder you are making new friends. That belly picture is priceless! Floof on!
Siena & Chilli