Saturday, November 8, 2008

Premium Dry Cat Food Review (Updated)

First of all, none of these cat foods contain animal by-products and artificial colors.

Evo from Natura Pet Products

Evo is protein-rich, ultra-low carbs and no grain cat & kitten food. It contains less than 7% carbohydrates, 50% protein and 22% fat. Since it is low in carb, it's more crumbly than the others so Minna doesn't like it as much but it will be great for cats transitioning from dry food to low grain wet food diet.

Innova from Natura Pet Products

This product contains 36% protein, 20% of fat and its main ingredients are turkey, chicken (meal), potatoes, eggs, and barley. Minna likes it and I think it's a balance diet for healthy cat.

Wellness Complete Health-Salmon, Salmon Meal & Deboned Turkey Recipe

I think this products is great because it has 36% of protein and 18% of crude fat. It also made with cranberries, olive oil, chicory root extract, and flaxseed; however, Minna doesn't seem to like its favor very much so I switch her to Wellness Indoor Health.

Wellness Indoor Health

It has 30% of protein and 12% of crude fat and also made from cranberries, olive oil, chicory root extract, and flaxseed. It claims to promote lean muscle mass but I think it is more important not to over feed the cat. It is a very well-rounded diet for indoor cat after all.

Pet Promise

It contains 31% of protein and 14% of crude fat. According to its web site, all their products contains no animal byproducts, no rendered meat or chicken meals, no factory farm meat or chicken, no antibiotic-fed protein sources, no added growth hormones, no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives but its vitamin E level is much lower than Wellness and Innova. Calorie content is not as high as EVO but not as low as Wellness Indoor, this cat food satisfies all basic needs without perks such as cottage cheese or flaxseed.

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