Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My two cents on grain-free diet

Minna has been eating Orijen Cat & Kitten formula ( for a month and I wrote about this product back in December. Orijen is a high-protein (45%), low-carb & grain-free dry food. I personally think this is the best dry food I can find in the market because not only it is grain-free (Unlike human, feline doesn't need much carb in its diet), its ash level is only 7% according to its web page. Not to mention it is steam-cooked at low temperature, it is also made with fresh ingredients (never frozen) without chemical preservatives.
My two cents: Orijen is high-protein, which means higher calories than conventional cat food so Minna only eats half a cup per day instead of 3/4 cup. As expected, she was asking for food all day during the first week and I compensated her with more organic kitty grass. She gained a pound during the second week but her weight went back to normal by the end of fourth week because high protein diet replaced extra fat in her body with muscle mass. The picture was taken two weeks ago when she was 10.5 lb, didn't her behind looked like a snow ball? She is 9.5 lb now.


Cat with a garden said...

We love Orijen too! Our mom didn't know though that it is so concentrated, she'll cut back our rations now... Thanks for telling us!

Sweet Praline said...

I don't think I have ever seen that food before. I'll get my mom to check it out.

Mittens said...

8-10 lb (3-4 kg) adult cat only needs 1/2 cup of Orijen everyday. I don't think Orijen is selling in South Carolina, but you can check its website for online retailers.